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We have made it our goal as luxury home building and remodeling specialists to rise to the highest standard in planning and building homes. Not only do we combine innovations in technology with precision craftsmanship, we know how to customize designs. These designs focus on each client’s specific requirements and preferences.

Onsite Supervision and Trade Management

We offer full supervision, inspection, and management of all new-builds and remodeling projects. Regardless of the project or location in the La Jolla area, we offer you onsite supervision and management services that span all areas of the building or renovation process. In turn, we have become the preferred construction company for luxury home building and remodeling services.

Some of the Service Benefits

Our onsite supervision and management services include the following:

  • Supervision of the architectural design
  • Project management consultation
  • Site supervision that encompasses construction and technical legal compliance
  • Quality control
  • Scheduling and supervision of labor
  • Delivered documentation supervision
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Legal, Technical, & Evaluation Consulting

We go beyond a client’s expectations when supervising and managing a new home build or remodel. That is because our focus is on excellence. That is why we want to work at maintaining our reputation as a reliable and admired luxury home construction company.

When overseeing a project, our project management team must wear many hats. Project managers are responsible for the following:

–Reviewing budgets and the costs of production, tracking costs, and completing progress reports. They also must establish construction timetables to meet time and completion schedules. We work at evaluating what construction techniques will work the best in a design or remodeling project.

–Onsite supervision also entails obtaining the needed licenses and permits. We make sure that all zoning, building, and water and sewer requirements are met. During construction, project managers apply for special permits, perform compliance reviews, and coordinate inspections. 

–Trade management includes preparing contracts and negotiating revisions, modifications, and additions to supplier and subcontractor contracts. Project managers supervise the work of subcontractors and laborers and routinely receive progress updates. Managers also requisition all materials and supplies.

–The development and implementation of quality control programs is a high priority. Therefore, we can shorten the length of project punch list activities by incorporating quality control measures during each new-build or remodel. We immediately take the necessary action to curtail or manage delays, whether they involve inclement weather or an emergency. Any delays are addressed automatically to ensure that a project proceeds as planned and to the high standard we endorse and expect.

–We regularly collaborate with owners, contractors, design specialists, and supervisory personnel to review construction progress, review and manage the selection of materials, and prepare progress reports for clients and the project team.

We Manage The Construction Process From Start To Finish

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Schedule Implementation & Control

A Beautiful Designs Lasts Forever

We are devoted to timely delivery of our luxury builds and remodels. Therefore, the implementation of scheduling and reviewing itineraries forms a strong part of our operations. We make sure we fulfill the client’s specifications by emphasizing the following:

  • Planning that defines the project at the beginning
  • Reducing the amount of change to stay on schedule
  • Providing excellent project management input
  • Making sure the schedule is facilitated so fewer delays are experienced
  • Involving the support of key managers
  • Regularly following cost containment practices
  • Allocating specific resources to realize project success
  • Introducing information management that is defined by feedback and collaboration
  • Providing incentives to the people involved in a project
  • Performing regular risk analyses
  • Including total engagement of the project staff

Cost Control

We emphasize cost control to say within budget. The processes we use for cost control assist in preventing project cost overruns and delays in scheduling. The progress of a project is based on the forecasts set for time and the cost for labor, materials, and overhead.

We provide the expertise required to revise any cost discrepancies immediately. By using our skills in this area, we can provide detailed projections for materials, labor, and overhead. By taking this approach, we can highlight a financial roadmap – one where the progress of a luxury build or remodel can be compared to the project itinerary. Therefore, we focus on matching timelines and costs. Frequently, a detailed review of discrepancies early in a project enables us to see how they can be overcome.

Therefore, to control expenses, processes must be put in place that project future expenses. That is why we make it a priority to monitor completion schedules throughout a build or remodel. Progress milestones are implemented to ensure that cost elements, such as materials, times, overhead, and labor are determined and met. If the costs exceed a project’s forecast, steps are facilitated to reverse overages. The project manager, in turn, seeks methods to recover an overage in future budgeted schedules.

Detailed Invoicing

We use detailed invoicing methods to ensure that the customer receives a quality product, and to know what exactly is included in each task. Indeed, managing cash flow is a challenge in construction. That is why we provide careful attention to accounting details, and follow specific guidelines – guidelines that promote diligent financial practices and a scrutinized follow-up. 

Therefore, our goal is to make sure that payments are received or remitted on a timely basis. No matter how a project is billed, it is crucial that invoices are detailed and correct. We believe in being transparent in our dealings, financially and professionally. 

Inspection and Quality Assurance

ZFE Design Build ensures that homes and remodels are tested and inspected thoroughly. We believe in testing and assessing our structures by going beyond code regulations and requirements. Our commitment is to the customer and to building or remodeling a home with longevity and dependability in mind. 

That is why a home or remodel is tested throughout the building process to ensure that the requirements for performance are met during each phase of construction. Through the use of checklists, we make sure that all the tasks at a site are property executed and that nothing is missed. By taking this approach, we can build or remodel a home and back up our work. We do not want to leave any stone left unturned when we inspect and qualify construction. 


We make sure we adhere to safe practices for remodels and new builds. For instance, during remodels, we work with the homeowner to ensure that the family acclimates itself to the renovation process. We work with a property owner to set up optional spaces while an area is being remodeled. Precautions are taken by incorporating physical barriers, such as plastic sheeting, or including cautionary signs.

We also protect the air. Again, we provide barriers by hanging plastic sheeting in the appropriate areas. Drop cloths are also used to maintain a cleaner site. Taking these measures are especially important, especially if asbestos or paint, is found at a site. Safety is our number one concern for both the homeowner and our workers. Whether we need to watch the tools used at a site or clean a site to keep it safe, we make this facet of the job a number one priority.

We keep wastes contained and make sure our activities do not trigger allergies or similar types of respiratory distress as well. The appropriate insurance protection and bonding is also included to reduce issues with liability.

Site Documentation

We make sure that the site documentation we gather and use correlates to the construction agreement and process. Exhibits and forms are also used in coordination with this paperwork. Therefore, the contract is used as the basis for other site documentation.  

The Statement of Work (SOW) is one of these collaborative pieces of paperwork. The document offers a scope of the work to be performed, and is frequently used during bidding or during the building process. When the scope is well defined, it can be employed to determine the amount of work that is required to complete a project.

The General Conditions define the obligations needed regarding a project’s execution and each of the party’s rights. This part of a construction contract defines overhead costs, entitlements, and claims. The Special Conditions, as the name implies, covers specific construction requirements. Special Conditions are usually added as an addendum to the General Conditions of a construction agreement.

All construction contracts and agreements for renovations feature drawings. The drawings that are included are the most current sketches that are available. 

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat Outline is technically needed for the performance of tasks or for the supply of materials. This site documentation adds intelligence to the drawings for a contact and assists in clear communication. The CSI MasterFormat Outline is used to explain any deviations, specify standards, detail accepted materials, and cite the necessary assessments for materials. The specifications are typically made by referring to building standards and codes.

Construction schedules enable the contractor to know how and when a building or remodeling project will be completed. Contracts often require updated itineraries throughout construction and assist in billing and projections. Building materials are listed that are being used for construction too. This is done for costing purposes.

We make sure that our paperwork details information that concerns stop-work orders, staffing needs, safety directions, and liens. By using onsite documentation, we can solve any issues and communicate more clearly with our staff, clients, and vendors.

Information Control 

We make every effort to save money and time when we execute project planning. Therefore, we rely on project controls to ensure the ultimate utilization of cost and time. By taking advantage of controls, we can provide better outcomes. 

Project controls are used in gathering data and analyzing processes to influence costs and time. Therefore, the controls are used for planning, execution and project completion. The entire lifecycle of a construction process is therefore better organized. As a result, the use of controls offers the following benefits:

Controls make it possible for builders to develop strategies that influence project outcomes. Controls also assist in projecting and controlling costs and managing risk. The use of controls assists us in analyzing liability and archiving past risks so future risks are avoided. Controls help us manage project paperwork and asses project scheduling.

This type of scope enables us to craft a plan for executing construction or avoiding mis-steps in scheduling by integrating the controls in current technologies. Software applications serve to assist us initiate the following phases:

  • Determining a project’s scope, and communicating a project’s steps to a project team.
  • Assigning tasks to the proper people and monitoring each person’s progress.
  • Learning about the risks associated with a project and including a risk management plan.
  • Planning for contingencies to meet unexpected demands.
  • Communicating efficiently and transparently to all involved parties.
  • Setting a plan and deadline for budgeting by establishing initial costs, monitoring changes, and making sure completion dates are met.
  • Analyzing and evaluating each part of a project, and reviewing its overall success.
  • Seeing if certain corrections need to be made to control future activities.

We make sure that we monitor all controls during each phase of a construction. Project information control and reporting is used from conception of a new build or remodel to delivery. 

Information Reporting

We make sure that all facts for a build or remodel are recorded and note what actions are taken. We make observations as well. Some observations may require an additional inspection, measurements, or testing. That way any opinions are verified and concerns are satisfied.

We also seek professional opinions, if required. All proper authoritative and technical sources are consulted. The documentation from these sources provides that the work is properly supervised.

We also offer our own advice and expertise. Recommendations are often made during inspections or evaluations. The information we gather enables us to draw conclusions on the quality of supervision and the appearance of the finished product.

Our aim at ZFE Design Build is to cover all the areas needed to ensure project success and a quality product. We are devoted to delivering a product that is of the highest standard – one that will meet all the specifications that our clients expect and appreciate.

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