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ZFE Design & Build believes in following post-construction maintenance practices that are unsurpassed in the construction industry. Our long-term relationships with clients demonstrate our ongoing commitment and need to be a trusted source and partner. 

Customizing the Construction Experience

Besides building homes and performing remodels of superior quality, we involve the client at each phase of a project. This approach is based on a wish to customize the construction process to the individual building requirements of each client.

Therefore, your involvement as a client in pre-construction maintenance and inspections is paramount to our success. Understanding that a home is an invaluable asset, our expert builders are focused on delivering a structure that will meet with your specific living requirements.

We, at ZFE Design Build, in La Jolla, want to use our history of success in the building industry to expand on our use of leading technologies and construction skills and techniques. You, the client, benefits by receiving a product that is detailed, crafted, and maintained per your expectations.

Post-construction Inspections

When we finish a home for a client at ZFE Build Design, we set up a maintenance plan and perform post-construction inspections. These inspections represent our commitment to customer satisfaction.
Therefore, when a new home is completed, the post-construction phase unfolds. Post-construction checks make it possible for us to assess a home and survey it for quality control purposes. We provide post-construction services to ensure a smoother transition to the owner.

Turning Over a Property 

A post-construction inspection provides a broad observation of a home or remodel. We review exterior areas and check the interior of a home to make sure any turnover is made without difficulty. Post-construction inspection and general maintenance planning may include a review of the following:
  • Roof coverings, downspouts, and guttering
  • Exterior walls
  • Entrance and garaged door surfaces
  • Deck coatings or railings
  • Exterior lights
  • Curbs, sidewalks, and hardscaping
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Fencing around a home’s perimeter
  • Utility shut-offs
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Following A Maintenance Schedule

When general maintenance is recommended, we make sure that we clearly communicate what structure or components must be maintained and what amenities and equipment need to be regularly serviced. 

General Information Assistance

We also include general information assistance with respect to the performance of certain maintenance tasks. Any lack of maintenance can lead to deterioration – deterioration that can be easily avoided by a regular service schedule. 

Maintenance Checks and Preventative Measures

We are committed to making sure that maintenance is followed, and therefore refer to specific guidelines and checklists. Some of the maintenance checks include the following:

  • Specific maintenance instructions for a component, and the required frequency – generally, daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Information about how on-going maintenance can be tracked. 
  • An outline of preventative maintenance processes.
  • Following a Punch List

Post-construction check-lists are punch lists – or “to-do lists” that we use to ensure that quality control measures are met. Consequently, we take this phase of the process seriously. We know that you are excited about moving into your home or using your remodeled living space. Therefore, we make sure that any defects or flaws are located and fixed immediately.

Punch List Activities 

Indeed, the punch list is an important document in the post-construction phase, as it outlines what items still do not conform to a contract’s mandates. Therefore, a punch list defines all those items that need to be finalized before occupancy takes place. The list may include any outstanding installations, repairs to finishes, or cleanup tasks that need to be made.  

Performing a Walk-through for a Punch List

Usually, we ask for the client’s participation when we perform a walk-through for a punch list. At this point, we provide general information assistance, with respect to the work that still needs to be done, and answer any questions about maintenance. To make sure we instill clear communications and that all the items on the punch list are covered, we generally review all the items on the list.

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We then refer the punch list to subcontractors to make sure all the tasks are completed and done so with a high quality of craftsmanship. We expect all the tasks on the punch list, during the post-construction phase, to be completed efficiently and in a timely manner. Any additional costs that are outside of a work’s scope are communicated by the sub-contractor. We take responsibility for these changes by making sure that the subcontractors we use demonstrate excellent follow-through.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Post-construction also confirms that the materials or items in a home were built according to a drawing’s specifications. In some instances, some of the changes that are made and verified are client-requested. Therefore, we make it our goal to make sure that each of our clients receive what a design represents. That is why post-construction inspections and to-do lists are undertaken with the highest standard of quality in mind.

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At ZFE, we are committed to the success of your project. We have well over 30 years of experience building custom luxury homes and apartment buildings. Please contact us today if you have any questions regarding your upcoming project.

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